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In the MSc programs of the Graduate School, Dutch students are required to study at a foreign (host) university in the first semester of the second year. The international track has a minimum requirement of 15 etcs. However, as courses often take a full semester, we advise students to consider to take 30 ects and include additional courses (technology courses and/or free electives).

Information-sessions will be organized in June and December for all students who will need to go on an International Semester in the coming semester. During these sessions you will get all necessary information and you will be able to ask questions about the international semester. All students who have an upcoming International Semester will receive an invitation to attend the information-sessions.

During your stay at a university abroad, you have the opportunity to further focus on subjects from your MSc program or broaden your field of interest towards other subjects. During your International Course you will also experience the culture and lifestyle of the host country and live within a community of local and exchange students. Typically students report the International Course as a unique, exciting experience.

To get started and in later stages of your preparation for your International Course, use the International Course Guidefor further information and guidance (see the column on the right of this page).

As an alternative to courses at a foreign university, you may also do an international research project of internship. Please note that at the moment, the IS exam committee only allows for projects/ internships =< 20 ECTS.

The international semester does not apply to students who already have demonstrable international experience (e.g. a foreign BSc diploma) or who cannot travel due to financial or medical reasons.

In this guide you can read that preparation for your International Course starts roughly a year before you plan to leave.

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