You need to start making arrangements for your internship well in advance, approximately three months. An internship at a company or abroad will need a longer preparation! Depending on where you would like to do an internship, you need to start planning 8 weeks for an internal internship till  at least 3 months for an internantional (company) internship  in advance. Check the to do list before you want to start to take care of your time path, procedures and forms.

Finding a suitable internship

Discuss with your mentor how to find a suitable internship and make sure he/she agrees with your choice. Discuss also who from the research group of your specialization will be the TU/e supervisor for either internal or external internships. Your TU/e supervisor will be responsible for specifying the main learning goals and assessing your achievements.

The procedure for finding a suitable internship differs per research group. Some groups have a notice board presenting the available assignments. Other groups advise their students to pay a visit to each staff member to get an overview of the latest assignments.


The internship needs to be finished within a predetermined and fixed time period, which is recorded on the internship contract, according to the following rules:


Internship period

(including writing the preliminary/draft intenship report)

Deadline for submitting the final version of the report 
15 11 weeks 15 weeks
15+5 14 weeks 18 weeks

The internship is finalized with a report and presentation.

  • At the end of the internship period a draft version of the report is sent to the responsible TU/e internship supervisor and academic advisor. The 'draft' version of the internship report should be a complete internship report ready for final feedback from the TU/e supervisor. Since the TU/e supervisor has 15 working days to give feedback, time for  processing the feedback is limited.
  • Within maximum four weeks after the internship period, the final version of the report must be sent to the TU/e internship supervisor and uploaded in SharePoint.
  • The date of the presentation has to be scheduled in consultation with the TU/e internship supervisor.

The internship can be extended with 5 EC, that will be registered as part of the free electives space. This extension must be approved as part of the program of examinations (by the Examination Committee) before the start of the internship. If you fail to submit the draft report in time, you must contact the academic advisor and inform the internship supervisor before the submission deadline.

In consultation with the TU/e internship supervisor, a short extension period (maximum of 2 weeks) may be allowed by the academic advisor. In case this extension is insufficient, the students need to request the Examination Committee for a possible further extension.

Please check the to-do list for more information about the submission deadline and procedure of the preliminary (draft) report.