Master Allocation Procedure

*** Information updated for MAP 2023-2024***

The Department of Mechanical Engineering coordinates the MSc Program Mechanical Engineering and the interdepartmental MSc Programs Automotive Technology, Systems and Control, and Sustainable Energy Technology.

In order to ensure that all MSc students will get qualitative supervision, the Board of the Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to match the number of MSc students within each section with the available supervision capacity of that section.

For this reason a ‘Master Allocation Procedure’ is implemented within the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is intended to allocate students to sections and to provide students with a suitable position within the university to complete their MSc project.

In the current procedure the supervision capacity for the Mechanical Engineering sections in each of the four MSc programs is determined before the start of the academic year.

The Master Allocation Procedure, including its regulations, applies to all students enrolled in one of the MSc Programs offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Therefore, this allocation procedure directly affects ME students who would like to perform their thesis work in one of the sections in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This procedure can also affect ME students choosing a section in one of the partner departments

Questions about the MAP procedure please contact Rob van der Heijden R.v.d.heijden(at) 

you can also view the MAP info meeting of 16-03-2022 (TU/e VPn required, Please note this is last years presentation so the capacity per section is now different)

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