Registration Master Allocation Procedure

In Osiris STUDENT students who wish to enroll in the MSc program Mechanical Engineering (MW), need to register for the course 4MAPMW to indicate their 1st, and 2nd  preference on division level (CEM, DSD, TFE) After having done so, students are directed to Canvas to upload a CV and motivation letter for their first choice. Please use our guideline (click here) to get started.

***New students are not able to enroll for this course before the registration deadline and need to email this information (CV, motivation letter, preferences) to R.v.d.Heijden(at)**

The oversubscribed Divisions will select students based on several criteria to be reflected in the CV and motivation letter, such as choice of electives, professional skills, interests, extracurricular activities outside study, and so on. After the selection procedure allocated students are free to choose a research group in the allocatied division.


More information on the details of the new procedure for the MSc program Mechanical Engineering regarding regulations and timeline can be found here.