CANVAS 4INFO-channels

The CANVAS 4INFO-channels are an important information channel for all master students Mechanical Engineering. So, if you want to stay up to date on important and relevant news and information about your studies, make sure you check this channel regularly!

We have 1 info channel in the Master Mechanical Engineering:


We automatically register you each year for this info channel.
However, if you still need to complete courses of the bachelor program, or take pre-master courses, we advise you to also sign up in Osiris for these other 4INFO-channels yourself, by choosing the relevant year and course code.

Announcements and other relevant topics
We will post important announcements per channel, for instance about upcoming information sessions, curriculum updates, skills and career activities, exams, Corona, training sessions etc., but also about where you can find the slides or recordings of sessions you might have missed.
So, make sure you turn on notifications for your announcements in Canvas. On the home page of each info channel, we have also collected a number of relevant topics that correspond with the year you are in, and that may be of interest to you.

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