Core courses

Students follow a 30 EC package of core courses that are offered by the two departments involved in the program.

Students choose 5 out of 7 core courses (25 EC). The modeling courses 5CSA0 and 4DM10 cannot both be included in the program of examinations. There is overlap.  

  • Control Engineering (4CM00)
  • System theory for control (4CM10)
  • Modeling Dynamics (4DM10) or Multi-body and Non-linear Dynamics (5SC29)
  • Stochastic processes, filtering and estimation (5SC29)
  • System Identification (5SMB0)
  • Supervisory Control of  Cyber Physical Systems (4SC080)

The Systems and Control integration project (5 EC) is mandatory for all S&C students.

To assist students in making a well-informed choice for their core courses, all four research groups have created profiles. Students can see what core courses are recommended for each profile and can choose core courses that fit in the profile(s) of their interest. It is recommended to choose a maximum of 15 credits for each quarter (3 courses of 5 credits).

More information about the core courses can be found on Osiris course catalogue.