Admission to seminars, capita selecta, master project

Capita selecta courses are occasional educational elements, often with a research flavor. They may be experimental courses, a lecture series given by a visitor, or a special individual assignment as a preparation on future research. The capita selecta can be followed only by permission of the responsible lecturer. Students do not have a “right” to do these courses, but they may be granted the possibility.

The seminars, capita selecta, and master project are only open to students that are fully admitted. This means that they are not available for students that do not yet have their BSc diploma or students that did not yet complete the premaster. Students are only allowed to take a seminar when they are at least in the fourth quarter of their study. Students that still have deficiencies (e.g. uncompleted homologation courses) are not allowed to start the master project. Each master program has additional specific rules regarding permission to start the master program and the allowed choices of graduation advisor.

To prepare for the master project, you start with a master thesis preparation followed by the master project itself. If homologation units are chosen then they must be completed before start of preparation project.