Homologation units

Students entering the Embedded Systems master program have very diverse backgrounds and consequently most students do not satisfy all BSc-level knowledge and skills required for the master program. Students should evaluate themselves to what extent they satisfy the prerequisites of courses of the Embedded Systems program. At least, they should make sure that they satisfy the prerequisite knowledge and skills of the mandatory courses of the program and the mandatory stream courses.  To allow students to repair deficiencies, students may include up to 15 credits of homologation units in their study programs; these homologation units count as free electives. Students can use the experimental Homologation Recommendation tool to determine through digital quizzes whether they satisfy the prerequisite knowledge and skills of the (mandatory part of the) Embedded Systems program and to get a recommendation on which homologation modules they may want to follow. The recommendation of the tool is not binding.

The Embedded Systems master program offers the following homologation modules (for more information about the courses, visit Osiris:

Course code Course name Credits Quarter
5LFK0 Circuit analysis 2,5 1
5LIS0 Computer architecture and C programming 2,5 1
2IHT10 Logic and set theory 2,5 1, 2 or 3
5LIQ0 Linear systems, signals and control 2,5 2

In some cases, these homologation modules are offered as self-study courses, based on online course material, with some guidance by a responsible lecturer. In other cases, the homologation modules are associated with existing bachelor courses, with regular lectures, tutorials and lab sessions.

It is also allowed to include bachelor courses at level 3 as homologation units.

The credits obtained for homologation units will count as free electives in your study program.