Cyber-Physical Systems stream

Cyber-Physical Systems are characterised by a tight coupling between embedded computer (cyber) systems and physical processes, monitored and controlled by those computer systems. Cyber-physical systems require integral, multidisciplinary design, involving computer engineering, control, mechatronics, networking, signal processing, and mathematical modelling. The stream focusses on the control and signal processing aspects of cyber-physical systems.

The following three courses are mandatory for the Cyber-Physical Systems stream (for more information about the courses, visit Osiris:

Course code Course name Credits Quarter
2IMN15 Internet of things 5 2
5LIJ0 Embedded control systems 5 3
5LIK0 Embedded signal processing systems 5 4

The Cyber-Physical Systems stream has the following stream electives, of which at least 15 credits should be chosen:

Course code Course name Credits Quarter
2IMN10 Architecture of distributed systems 5 1
5CSA0 Modeling dynamics 5 1
5LIC0 Networked embedded systems 5 1
5LIV0 Video health monitoring 5 2
5LIG0 Applied combinatorial algorithms 5 2
5LIF0 Advanced digital circuit design 5 2
5LIM0 Parallelization, compilers and platforms 5 3
2IMP25 Software evolution 5 3
5LIE0 Multiprocessors 5 3
5LIL0 Intelligent architectures 5 3
5SIB0 Electronic design automation 5 3
5LIA0 Embedded visual control 5 4
2IMP20 Domain Specific Language Design 5 4
2IMP30 System Design Engineering 5 4

1 This course has a limited capacity.

Stream mentor: dr. Dip Goswami (, prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC84.