Composing your ES program

The master program on Embedded Systems is a two-year program of 120 credits in total.  The curriculum consists of courses offered by the Computer Science division of the department Mathematics and Computer Science and the department of Electrical Engineering.

Composing your ES Program means making a series of choices. You do not have to compose your full program at the start. You will be asked to submit your individual Program of Examinations (PE) to the examinations committee for approval when you have completed approximately 45 credits. The Study & Career Orientation Program (SCOP/e) can help you in making these choices and will facilitate submitting your PE. Included in this program as the appointment of a mentor who can support you in composing your program.

Students have to register for their courses as well as the exams via Osiris.

The four streams from which you can choose are:

The purpose of the streams is, on the one hand, to provide guidance to students in composing coherent individual study programs, and on the other hand, to preserve the multidisciplinary nature of each individual Embedded Systems study program.


The 120 credits in the ES program are divided over the following components