SCOP/e - Study & Career Orientation Program (2IMR10)

The study & career orientation program is intended to support the students in a structured way in their decision-making process towards graduation with a research group of their preference and to prepare students for making choices regarding their future career. The program is mandatory for all students in the DSAI, CSE, IST and ES programs starting from AY 2023-2024. Students from previous cohorts that have not started their (preparation for) graduation project prior to Q2 2023-2024 are asked to register for the administrative part only of this course in Canvas.

SCOP/e consists of 2 parts: an administrative part aimed at matching students to a supervisor for graduation and consisting of a series of forms/surveys to fill out, and a content part consisting of a number of activities aimed at supporting students in making well-founded choices both for the content and direction of their study programs.  Some of the SCOP/e content activities are mandatory, in other cases a minimum number of activities needs to be attended in order to fulfill the requirements of the program. The SCOP/e program needs to be completed upon completing the Preparation for Graduation Project. For students from cohorts that started prior to AY 2023-2024 this requirement only concerns the administrative part.