Entry point program Data Science

TU/e, UPM and UNS offer an entry-point program for the Data Science master. It consists of a set of Common Core Competences, a bases in Entrepreneurship and Electives. The following table summarises the TU/e entry-point program (for more information about the courses, visit OSIRIS Student Mobile (osiris-student.nl)):

Technical Common Base

Quarter Code Course EC

Foundations of process mining1

1 2IMM20 Foundations of data mining 5
1 2IMA10 Advanced Algorithms 5
2 2IMV20 Visualization 5
2 2DMT00 Applied Statistics 5

Core Electives (2 out of 5)

Quarter Code Course EC
2 2IMA15 Geometric algorithms2 5
3 2IMV10 Visual computing project 5
3 2DI70 Statistical learning theory 5
3 2AMM15 Machine Learning Engineering 5
4 2AMD15 Big Data Management 5

Innovation & entrepreneurship module

Quarter Code Course EC
2 1ZM20 Technology entrepreneurship 5
3-4 1ZM150 CTEM project 10
3-4 2IEIT0 Winter school  1
  2IEIT5 Summer school 4
4 0LM150 Entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility


1Students who took the course 2IIE0 Business process intelligence in their bachelor are not allowed to take 2IMI35 or 2AMI10 due to the overlap. 2Students should be advised that due to two Technical common base courses and one Innovation & entrepreneurship course in quartile 2, selecting 2IMA15 Geometric algorithms implies that you need to follow four courses in Q2.


Special track mentor: dr. Renata Medeiros de Carvalho (r.medeiros.de.carvalho@tue.nl