Exit point program Specialisation in Process Mining

The TU/e offers an exit-point program with a specialisation in Process Mining. The following table summarises the programme (for more information about the courses, visit OSIRIS Student Mobile (osiris-student.nl)):

Innovation & entrepreneurship module

Quarter Code Course EC
1 2AMI10 Foundations of process mining1 5
1 2IMS25 Principles of Data Protection 5
1 1ZS30 Innovation and entrepreneurship study 6
2 2AMI20 Advanced process mining 5
2 2IMI00 Seminar architecture of information systems2 5
2 2IMD00 Seminar databases2 5
2 2IMM00 Seminar data mining2 5
2 2IMV20 Visualisation 5
3-4 2IMC00 Master project3 30

1 Students who took the course 2IIE0 or 2IIF0 in their bachelor are not allowed to take 2IMI15 Introduction to process mining because of overlap and should take 2IMA10 Advanced algorithms instead.

2One of these three seminars has to be chosen.

3The student is allowed to start with the graduation project only after the Masters study program has been approved by the examinations committee. See Section 3.4 for further details on admission, planning and assessment of the Master project.

Special track mentor: dr. Renata Medeiros de Carvalho (r.medeiros.de.carvalho@tue.nl )

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