Exit-point program

The EIT Digital Embedded Systems exit-point programme consists of a Technical Specialisation in Embedded Networking (25 EC), an Innovation and entrepreneurship study (6 EC) and a graduation project. The following tables summarise the exit-point programme (for more information about the course, visit OSIRIS course catalog):

Quarter Code Course EC
1 2IMN10

Architecture of distributed systems

1 5LIC0 1 Networked embedded systems 5
2 2IMN15 Internet of things 5
    Embedded Systems electives 10
1-2 1ZS30 Innovation and entrepreneurship study 6
  2IMC00/5T746 Master project 30

1 This course has large content-wise overlap with the elective module Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks at TU Berlin. Hence, if your entry-point is TU Berlin and you took the elective module Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks as part of your entry-point program, then you should not take the course 5LIC0 (Networked Embedded Systems) and do an elective instead.

Embedded systems electives should be chosen from the  stream specific mandatory and elective courses  associated with the four streams of the regular Embedded Systems program (see Systems on Chip stream, Embedded Software stream, Embedded Networking stream, Cyber-Physical Systems stream).

It is an EIT Digital requirement that the Master project has industry involvement. In practice, this means that you will carry out your Master project in a company. The special track mentor will help you find graduation project. See also Graduation in a company.

Special track mentor: dr. Bas Luttik (s.p.luttik@tue.nl), prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC86.


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