The Master track Information Security Technology is a two-year program of 120 ECTS in total. The academic year is subdivided into two semesters, the fall semester starting in September, and the spring semester starting in February. The program is only offered as a full time study program. The curriculum contains both computer science courses and mathematics courses, and consists of a mandatory core program and elective courses.
The IST master has the following structure:

Prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC91. For further information about mentoring please consult Section 1.12.1.

* For students that have started their program prior to 2021 the graduation phase is 30 ects and does not include a preparation phase of 10 ects. Please see the PER for all regulations regarding the older curricula.

Mandatory courses

The mandatory courses in the IST program are:

Quarter Code Unit EC
1 2MMC10 Cryptology 5
1 2IMS25 Principles of Data Protection 5
2 2DMI20 Software Security 5
2 2IMS20 Cyberattacks Crime and Defenses  5
3 2IMS30 Advanced Network Security 5
4 2IMS00 Seminar IST 5

Graduation phase

The graduation phase for all students following the 2021 curriculum consists of a preparation phase of 10 ects and a graduation project of 30 ects. Preparation and graduation can be done in Industry or internally with TU/e. Please note that it is not allowed to combine an external internship with an external graduation. You will find more information on the graduation phase under graduation. Please use the course codes below for preparation and graduation.

Quarter Code Unit EC
5 and/or 6 2IMC05 Preparation phase 10
7-8 2IMC00 Graduation phase 30