Free electives

Free electives

In principle, all master courses offered at the TU/e can be chosen as free electives. Also courses from the Embedded Systems programs at TU Delft and the University of Twente may qualify as suitable free electives. To find suitable elective courses offered by TU Delft, you can search in their course catalog (select the “Program” tab, and then select Organization “Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science”, Education Type “Master” and Education “Master Embedded Systems”). To find suitable elective courses offered by the University of Twente, you can search in their  course catalog (selecting the appropriate Starting Block and Organizing Study (“master Embedded Systems”, “master Computer Science”, or “master Electrical Engineering”).

Your complete study program, including the free electives, always requires approval by the examinations committee. You obtain this by submitting your Study Program form. Form and instructions can be found on the Canvas course page 2IMR10. Study Programs that deviate from the standard should include a motivation. Your mentor will help you to compose a balanced program that is very likely to be approved. 

Some courses may be prescribed as homologation courses (up to 10 credits) to make up for deficiencies in former education. This prescription is part of the admission decision. We strongly encourage you to consider taking SFC640 Academic Writing as one of your free electives.*

If you do not (already) have a degree from another country or at least 15 credits in international experience you should reserve 15 credits from the room for free electives to take courses abroad or to do an internship of 15 credits abroad.

* Before registering for the SFC640, you must first complete the SFC600 English Placement Test on Canvas to assess your current level of English. Complete SFC600 at least SIX working days before the registration deadline. Only if you have positive advice from SFC600 will you be accepted in SFC640. 90% attendance is required.