Special Master's track Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Challenge on multiple levels

Because of digitization and automation, the manufacturing industry is now rapidly changing. The whole chain of products, machines, factories, warehouses and customers, or the Internet of Things, is able to share and exchange information. To fully exploit this network of information for more effective and efficient production, the manufacturing systems engineer of the future should have knowledge of the whole chain: from the technology inside the machine up to the level of supply chains. The master's program Manufacturing Systems Engineering offers this combination of technological knowledge of high-tech production systems and knowledge of production processes and supply chains, and shows how to apply this knowledge effectively at both system and network level. In other words: an excellent basis for a directing role in the high-tech manufacturing industry!

Special master's program

This is a joint master's program of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences which can be studied as a special track in either the Mechanical Engineering master's program or the Operations Management & Logistics master's program. After graduation in this special master's program you receive the degree of Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering on the diploma of the master's program Mechanical Engineering in the former case and on the diploma of Operations Management & Logistics in the latter case.

From September 2022 onwards the special master track MSE will not be offered anymore. This means the last official inflow moment for the MSE master is February 1st, 2022.

For students interested in the MSE-OML track:

Exceptions on this are made for:

  1. TU/e bachelors who meet the requirements for admission after the exam period of Q3 2021-2022, and
  2. Students of the premaster OML program of cohort September 2021 who meet the requirements for admission after exam period of Q3 2021-2022.

Students under (1) and (2) are still allowed to start following courses in Q4 2021-2022. Depending on the number of students, they will participate in the OML mentor matching procedure of September 2022 (according to the standard procedure) or will be matched to a mentor on a request basis.

From September 2022 onwards, students with a specific interest in manufacturing systems engineering have two options:

  1. The new OML program (to be published early February 2022). offers the track Maintenance and Manufacturing that covers partly the MSE program. The free elective space of students offers possibilities to create a program that largely covers the former MSE-OML program.
  2. The new AIES master offers a manufacturing systems track. The final curriculum of the AIES program will be published early February 2022.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering