The pre-master program ABP offers five variants that prepare for the corresponding tracks of the ABP master program:

  • Architectural Urban Design and Engineering:
    • AUDE Architecture
    • AUDE Urbanism
  • Building Physics and Services
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Urban Systems & Real Estate (also prepares for the track Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions).

Depending on the track you choose for the follow-up master, your pre-master consists of 5 to 7 courses. An overview of the different variants can be found in the download section.

Please note: As a first-year pre-master's student, you’ll automatically be registered for the courses of the first quarter. For the remaining quartiles you have to register for all courses yourself at

For every course there is a retake possibility. You have to complete the pre-master program within one academic year. In case you do not achieve all 30 ECTS within one year, you will not be admitted to the pre-master for the next 3 years.


Your development at our university starts with the pre-master program, but did you know there’s a lot more you can do to build your own future?

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