Student Guidance

Student Guidance

We find it very important that you get the right support and guidance during your studies. Throughout your bachelor program you will get support and guidance from different people in different roles.

Academic advisor
Your academic advisor is your first point of contact for all study related questions and problems, such as discussing your study progress, questions about your planning or elective space, or doubts about your program or study method. But also for questions about study delay due to personal circumstances or other health issues, your academic is your first point of contact.

An academic advisor is not linked to a particular project or course but guides you with all aspects of your study program. This is done in a personal conversation, for which both you and the academic advisor can take the initiative. The conversations are confidential and take place in an open atmosphere.

If necessary, the academic advisor can refer you to a student psychologist or student counselor, or a study management or study choice advisor. 

In addition to individual help or meetings, it is also possible to participate in specific group trainings in the field of study management and personal development.

If you would like to talk to an academic advisor in case of personal circumstances or issues with your study progress or planning, make an appointment with the academic advisor of the pre-master  program. 

Student mentor
At the start of your premaster program you will get a student mentor to help you get settled in. Your student mentor is your first contact for all practical questions. He or she will get you acquainted with studying at the TU/e and you can discuss topics like planning and study management. You’ll be guided in a group with other premaster students, so it’s also the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students. 

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