Students who have completed one of the following programs in higher vocational education (HBO) in computer science are eligible to participate in the pre-Master program:

  • Computer Science

  • Computer Science & Engineering

  • Software engineering

  • Information and Communication Technology

To be admitted to one of our pre-master programs the candidates should meet the entrance requirements for mathematics and English. By requiring these two entrance tests, we want to make sure your level of mathematics and English is corresponding with the level you need to be able succeed in a TU/e pre-Master program. Based on these tests, you could reconsider your choice or increase your chances by working on your Math and/or English level.


To be able to successfully complete a pre-master program at TU/e, you must have a sound understanding of mathematics B or T. Therefore, when you apply for a pre-master program, you must provide proof that you have the required minimum level of mathematics: pre-university (VWO) mathematics B or T.

You can do this by:

  • Having a pre-university (VWO) degree that includes mathematics B, or
  • Passing the mathematics B test that is offered by TU/e, or
  • Providing a certificate for Mathematics B or T from one of these external institutes:

TU/e mathematics B test

The TU/e mathematics B test will be provided three times a year: in April, May/June and November. In academic year 2019-2020 the first opportunity to take this test will be offered in April. You can choose when you want to take the test. If you fail the test, you can choose to participate again the next time the test is offered. To take the mathematics test at TU/e, you will pay a fee of approx. €80 per test.

More information  about registration and practice exams for the mathematics B test offered by TU/e will published on this webpage early next year.


To successfully participate in a TU/e pre-program, you need to have a sound knowledge of the English language. Therefore, you need to provide proof that you have (at least) a pre-university (VWO) level in English by means of:

The costs of obtaining a certificate differ per institute. More information is available on the TOEFL website, the IELTS website or at the British Language Training Centre (BLTC). It is estimated that the costs currently vary between €230 and €350.

Please, note that following HBO program in English in the Netherlands does not give an exemption from the English language test.

Timing for entrance requirements

If you want to start a pre-master in September, you need to fulfil the entrance requirements by 1 September of that same year. You cannot start your pre-master if the requirements are not met. In other words: your grade needs to be known before 1 September. It is up to you to decide where and when you obtain your certificates. Please check the websites mentioned above for available dates.

To conclude

1 September is a strict time limit. If you cannot comply with the requirements for mathematics and English within these limits, you cannot be admitted to the pre-master program. You will have to wait until the pre-master starts again. Thus, it is advised that you comply with the requirements in a timely manner.

To enrol follow the steps described at: