The Bachelor program Applied Mathematics aims at educating students in the main branches of mathematics relevant for applications in a societal and industrial setting, including working on real-world mathematical modeling problems. This makes up about half of the program, the mathematics major.The remaining part of the program consists of various `common' courses aimed at all TU/e students, a wide range of elective courses to choose from to deepen or widen one's knowledge inside or outside mathematics, and courses focusing on the role of the engineer in society. The training of relevant professional and personal development skills is also part of the program. The bachelor final project at the end of the third year provides students with their first substantial mathematical research experience.

The bachelor program primarily prepares for the subsequent master program Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

At TU/e we often refer to "cohorts" - this is the group and year that you started the program in and is always connected to the corresponding curriculum. Please always refer to the curriculum of the cohort you started your Bachelor program in. In the Tabs on the left you will find all relevent information related to the curriculum content of your cohort.


To prevent scheduling mix-ups, each course falls into a timeslot. Use these timeslots to create a feasible schedule that allows you to follow all lectures and tutorials and take all exams.

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