Basic courses

Basic courses

Each TU/e bachelor student takes a number of basic courses. These basic courses provide the foundation for the 'Eindhoven Engineer' and develop your transversal knowledge. This is the knowledge you need to do major courses and electives both in and outside your department.  

The basic courses include Calculus, Applied natural sciences, Data analytics for engineers, Engineering design, and USE (User, Society & Enterprise) basis: Ethics and history of technology. There are different variants of the basic courses for different degree programs.

For the major Automotive Technology the basic courses are: 

2WBB0 - Calculus variant 2  
3NBB0 - Applied natural sciences  
2IAB0 -  Data analytics for engineers 
0SAB0 -  USE basis: Ethics and history of technology   
4WBB0 -  Engineering Design 


Changing majors

When you change your major during your bachelor’s program contact your academic advisor to discuss which basic courses and electives you can use in your new program and which new/extra courses you have to do in order to complete the new bachelor’s program successfully.