The elective part of your bachelor’s program consists of 15 credits of USE components and 45 credits of electives. It allows you to match your studies even more closely to your (developing) interests and capabilities as you progress through the program.  

Depending on your ambitions, interests and capabilities you could, for example, decide to deepen your knowledge of your major, explore the boundaries between a number of disciplines, study a combination of two majors (possibly for a double diploma), take on the challenge of an Honors program or obtain a second-level teaching qualification for pre-university education

You can choose coherent packages or separate elective courses. In principle, any course in the Bachelor College can be chosen as an elective, including major courses from other programs. However, courses that overlap with major courses of AT cannot be chosen as an elective: please consult the overview of the overlap courses for AT students. You may take more than one USE (User, Society and Enterprise) learning trajectory, in this case the second USE trajectory will be marked as a coherent package of 15 credits. 

In your choice of electives, you will need to consider the necessary prior knowledge required for the electives and the timeslots. The OSIRIS course catalogue and TU/e PlanApp provide useful guidance. Discuss your options with your student mentor (when you are a 1st year student) or your teacher coach (when you are a 2nd or 3rd year student). Also, visit the annual Check Your Match event, to help you with choosing your electives and to gather information on the electives that suit your interest. 

Please note: You can read the conditions that your exam program must meet here

Tip: Use the electives in your 1st year to discover your personal interests. Most of the coherent packages start in the 2nd year, on some of the packages we advise to start in the 1st year to make sure you finish your Bachelor in three years. 

Tip: Would you like to do a Master after you finished your Bachelor? We advise you to also check this website (in Dutch). If your major doesn’t give direct admission to the Masters’ program, you could take homologation courses as free electives. Contact the academic advisor of the Master’s program for more information.