In Osiris you can register to be awarded your degree diploma for the upcoming Examination Committee meeting. You can do this by clicking on Progress (Studievoortgang) and then Qualification request (Diploma aanvraag). ​You do not have to be present at this meeting – it is a closed meeting for the Examination Committee. You will be informed about the decision of the Examination Committee.

At the point when you (are about to) pass the last study component of your program at TU/e (e.g. your internship report submission or your final presentation/report or examination), you will need to take at least two steps before you receive your degree and your enrollment is officially terminated:

  1. Register for a final examination session in order to determine if you have passed and are eligible for your degree.​
  2. Terminate your enrollment at TU/e in order to have any remaining tuition fee refunded.​

You can find all the necessary information for terminating enrollment upon final examination at the TU/e website.​

Bachelor graduation process

Bachelor diploma request via Osiris

At the point at which you pass, or are about to pass, the last study component of your bachelor’s program, you will need to subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. In Osiris, you can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request. You can submit a diploma request if you have at least 150 ECTS. It is not obligated that you have attained all study credits in order to request your diploma/register yourself for the examination session.

The deadlines and dates of the examination sessions can be found here. The closing date is the date by which you should have registered yourself. The deadline is the date on which all study results must be registered in Osiris.


Double degree students

Please note that double degree students have to request a diploma for both bachelor’s programs. You will graduate in the same month for both bachelor’s programs.


After your bachelor diploma request

You will receive a confirmation email of your diploma request, after the deadline for subscription has passed. We will check if you have met all requirements concerning the bachelor’s degree program. If not, you will not participate in the upcoming examination session and you will automatically participate in the examination session of next month. No further action from your side is required at this point. The CSA keeps you updated by email.

If you do meet the requirements, your bachelor graduation will be discussed during the examination session. You do not have to be present at this meeting – it is a closed meeting for the examination committee.


Requirements in order to graduate

  • In order to graduate, all study results must be present at least ten working days prior to the examination session (according to the Regulations of the Examination Committee). This does not apply for the interim period and the examination session at the end of August.
  • An approved elective package, which matches your current SPO
  • Completed Studium Generale program (SG100)
  • Completed 5 SG activities, completed 7 MyFuture points (from cohort 2020 onwards), and have completed 2IPS1 Alumni Night.


After the examination session

The CSA registers the students who have passed their bachelor’s exam in Osiris. This will be visible for graduates at latest a day after the examination meeting.

In case you want a legally recognized document which says you have passed your bachelor’s exam, there are two options:


Awarding the diploma

Graduates 2022-2023 (students who have graduated during the examination sessions in September 2022-August 2023) will receive their bachelor’s degree during MomenTUm 2023 on September 29th, 2023.


Receiving your diploma by post

There is a possibility to have your degree sent to your home address in case you have a permanent address abroad. You have to fill in the document ‘Request for sending my degree’ and send it to In this document, it is stated that sending the diploma is at your own risk. TU/e is not responsible in case the diploma gets lost, neither can TU/e provide a new diploma. You will receive a Track & Trace number.


Picking up your degree at the CSA desk

Students who do not want to participate in MomenTUm, can pick up their diploma at the desk of the student administration. If you choose to pick up your diploma at the CSA desk, it is not possible to attend the graduation ceremony/MomenTUm as well.

Any further questions? Please send an email to