Submit a request

Submit a request

On this page we explain how you can submit a request to the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee is responsible for assessing your requests such as exemptions, study program approvals, retakes, etc. You can also object to a ruling made by an examiner.

Requests and objections to Examination Committee should be sent via this digital form.

Please read the following instructions before sending a request:​

  • Discuss your request with your study advisor in advance.
  • Support your request with a reference to the related article from the PER  of your program.​
  • Include a detailed motivation of your request.​
  • Attach, if required, the form to your request (see below). You can also attach other documents if needed.​ Please follow the instructions in the forms.
  • After submitting your request, you will not receive a confirmation. You will be redirected to a page on which you can see your request in a list. If your request is in the list, your request has been submitted.​
  • The examination committee will decide within four weeks after having received your request.​

If you encounter problems with the form, please contact the Examination Committee via  

Type of request Which form to attach to your request Download
Request for an exemption Exemptions for courses outside of your degree study program Exemption form