Company coach evaluation form

The internship is an important part of the bachelor program in which you can test your ability to work in a professional environment.

Because the internship generally takes place outside the university, a written evaluation of your internship is needed from your company coach, in order to get a full understanding of your development, project results and professional skills development for your internship assessment. The evaluation form is aligned with the topics and criteria in the rubrics.

The company coach is required to complete the form and give feedback on at least the following aspects (as specified in the Company coach evaluation form on the Forms and Files page):

  • Overall competence of design
    • Design and research processes
    • Deliverables
  • Scientific and professional skills
    • Presentation
    • Reporting
    • Planning and organizing
    • Reflecting
    • Cooperating
  • Vision and identity
  • Contribution and development

It is your responsibility to provide the company coach with this form.


The completed and signed company coach evaluation form should be submitted via Canvas, together with your other deliverables, before the communicated deadline.

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