Internship report

The internship report is a crucial part of the internship assessment procedure as it describes your experiences and reflects on your work in relation to your plans, professional identity and vision. The internship report should include:

  • Goals: learning goals and plans to realize them (derived from the PDP).
  • Content: the report has to adequately describe the internship challenge; with clear descriptions of the different perspectives of the project and the company (relate your experiences in the company to your experiences within the department). Also describe your actions in relation to your plans in your PDP and development in the internship. Correct use of references (including images).
  • Personal Reflection A personal reflection is included as an addendum to the report and the completed Company coach evaluation form (see Forms and Files page). In the reflection you reflect the aspects mentioned by your company coach in the company coach evaluation form and you consider your competency development including your professional identity and vision development. The personal reflection should be no longer than 500 words.
  • Appendix: PDP + formal approval of your teacher coach*.

The Forms and Files page includes the suggested internship report structure but you can create your own layout that represents you as a designer. Upload the report with the specified content on Canvas. The second examiner is present at the oral exam to assure a fair and sound verdict is reached, he/she is not obliged to read the full content of the report. 

* In the appendix of the report, add your PDP + Formal approval form (see Forms and Files page) by your teacher coach. Note that this is compulsory, if you do not add the formal approval by your teacher coach to your report, you will not be assessed and you will receive an H-verdict.

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