Final bachelor project

Final Bachelor Project

Your final bachelor project DPB390 Final Bachelor Project will take place in the second part of the third year (check entrance requirements before starting in the Program and Education Regulations). This project demonstrates you are capable of conducting a design project with minimal guidance; strengthening your professional identity and vision, and demonstrating the overall competence of design through your individual final design project.

Your final bachelor project is executed in one of the squad’s application domains. In each squad staff members are gathered with specific expertise; each squad therefore covers a specific set of expertise areas. Make a deliberate choice in what expertise areas you would like to develop in your final bachelor project, and choose a specific squad in order to demonstrate a balanced development. Read the online descriptions of the squads, visit the Project Market and talk to the staff members to get a good impression on what the projects entail.

During the project, you are supervised by your project coach – the squad leader or another staff member in the squad. You are also supported in your process by e.g. the squad leader, other scientific staff members, experts from practice (involved in the squad or stakeholders outside the university you have involved in the project yourself) and PhD candidates. You will present your results in the squad, together with other bachelor and master students and will receive feedback on your work.

Handshake procedure

If for your FBP you have a preference for a specific project coach within a squad or if you want to propose your own project, you can ask a coach with assessment rights to confirm this agreement using a “handshake”.
As a student you can approach your preferred coach and discuss with them your motivation and ideas. If the coach agrees and is available they inform CSA about the handshake.

The rules for the handshake are as follows:

  • Professors are allowed to give out one handshake
  • Only for FBP students
  • Students may only approach one coach at a time for a handshake
  • Coaches are not obliged to make an agreement with you via a handshake
  • If a coach decides to give out a handshake, they can email CSA starting November 24th.
  • Coaches must inform before the 19th of December 23.59hr about their choice.