Via multiple iterations as part of your design and research process in your project, you will develop a functional prototype (the “demonstrator”) that features (parts of) an interactive system; and/or provides a partial experience (of a service) for the considered stakeholders, depending on the project. The demonstrator enables you to show the integration of multiple expertise areas and your development as a professional industrial designer.

Demo day

Before the presentation of a project, you have an opportunity to receive formative feedback from your first or second examiner* on your project; and demonstrate your prototype and intended experience of the product in an exhibition-like setting, with a clear (visual) design identity; this moment is called the “demo day”. The demo day is a part of your competence assessment procedure and is a formative assessment moment. Participation on the demo day is obligatory.

During the demo day, take into account your broad audience; examiners, squad members, stakeholders, clients and other Industrial Design students. Your pitch will address your project result (using the “demonstrator” as described above), the (design) process  and integration of expertise areas. The demo day is also an excellent opportunity to get specific feedback from various experts.

You will present your work in the same area as the other students in your squad. You can read more about the demo day practicalities on the Demo day page. When your project entails a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), please read the NDA page about procedures for organizing your demo day.

*Your first examiner is your project coach; your second examiner is your teacher coach. At least one of them should visit your presentation at the demo day. Consult them beforehand, and ask if they are available on the demo day. If they are unavailable, schedule another moment to receive formative feedback and show your exhibition set-up as (will be) presented on the demo day.