The main goal of your report is to draw an adequate picture of the design (research) challenge. You have to provide a clear description of different perspectives and potential approaches (e.g. user evaluation, business perspective, technology push); and argument the choices that you have made during the process.

Any report should provide a good insight into your project in terms of project goal, methods and results. It must be of an at least sufficient academic level; in terms of contents, structure and language. You have to use references to external sources correctly.

You may decide about the look and feel of your report yourself. Use the same (visual) design identity as used for the demo day and other deliverables.

To support you in writing your report, we hereby propose a required minimal structure and content overview. You may add chapters to your own liking.

Proposed structure and content

  • Executive summary: maximum of 500 words.
  • Prologue: motivation for squad in relation to e.g. vision.
  • Introduction: e.g. project goal.
  • Content: design process/approach/choices/results.
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References: use (consistently) the reference style your squad/coach recommends.
  • Appendices
  • Discuss the exact content of your report with your project coach well in advance of the report deadline.


Your report needs to be delivered to both examiners in pdf by uploading it in the respective assignment on the DPB390 Final Bachelor Project Canvas page. Please ask your examiners whether they would like you to deliver a hard copy. You will receive feedback via Canvas and your grade via an automatic generated email via Osiris.

For relevant Dates and deadlines, please check these on the Download page.

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