Competence Assessment

Competence Assessment (CA) takes place in projects, the internship as External Learning Activity and the Final Bachelor Project (FBP). CA is different for Project 1 and FBP compared to other competence assessments as it also involves the assessment of the portfolio. More information can be found below. 

Preceding the CA the student receives formative feedback from the project coach/mentor during demo day. After demo day you have limited time to include the feedback in your deliverable.

Competence assessment assesses the students’ ability to integrate competences from the different expertise areas. During the assessment the overall competence of design as demonstrated in the quality of the deliverables, the scientific and professional skills, the professional identity and vision and the development with respect to the expertise areas are evaluated. 

CA in the FBP and project 1

At the end of Project 1 and the FBP students reflect on the overall competence of design and demonstrate that the student has achieved the required level of development in the expected competencies as are described in the rubrics. Students thoroughly reflect on the professional identity and the vision on design. Different than in other project assessments, the portfolio also includes expertise area development from courses and other projects. Students can support their development with extra-curricular activities such as exhibitions, awards, accepted papers, project management or a successful start-up or crowd-sourcing activity. 


The expected levels of the deliverables are defined in the rubrics (see Forms and Files page). The corresponding deadlines for the above-mentioned deliverables can be found in the year planning (see also Forms and Files page). All deliverables need to be handed in through Canvas before the deadline. The presentation moment and place will be communicated to you either by your Squad (if you are part of one) or by CSA ID.  

CA Learning activity Demo Report






with Q&A

Project 1: Design (team)  X X X X  
Project 2: Design (team)  X X X    
Project 3: Design Research (team)  X X X    
Internship (individual)    X X   X
Final Bachelor Project (individual)  X X   X X


In case you have a C verdict you can do a retake. The retake conditions are defined in Canvas. In case you have an insufficient grade for your FBP, the Canvas comments in the rubrics will specify if you are eligible for a retake or not. For more information about retakes, check the retake information page


The CA of the FBP is expressed in half grades on a scale of 0 to 10.  

In all other CA’s you are awarded with a verdict.  

  • Hold (H): insufficient and not promoted. 
  • Conditional Hold (C): insufficient and not promoted unless conditions for the promotion, as stated by the examiner are met within a maximum of three weeks,  
  • Promotion (P): sufficient and promoted,  
  • Promotion with excellence (E): excellent performance and promoted with excellence.