Student Guidance

A constructivist perspective on learning has various implications for the learning environment and the roles of student and their guidance by coaches. There are different roles for the staff members of our department, all led by what you as a student want or need to achieve; what knowledge or expertise is required for this; and how can this staff member support and enhance your process, progress and results.

The teaching staff members of Industrial Design are facilitators of student learning and therefore act in different roles.

  • As Project coach they guide students in project work to integrate the professional skills, knowledge, skills and attitudes from the expertise areas into the project, ensure high-quality deliverables and coach the students in their Overall Competence of Design.
  • As Teacher Coach they support and challenge the student’s self-directed development in professional identity and vision and help students to (learn to) reflect on their choices.
  • As Lecturer, teachers offer their expertise in the program's electives and courses. In these courses they support the competence development in one or two expertise areas.

Most of the teaching staff is also a researcher in the Future Everyday or Systemic Change capacity cluster, and a squad member of one of the cluster’s respective squads.

Student guidance is also offered by:

  • Your Student Mentor helps you to integrate in the program and can answer any practical program related questions.
  • Your Academic Advisor; in case you are faced with any (personal) circumstances that prevent you from being able to study normally.