Squads are groups in which students, scientific staff, and experts from the field, companies and organizations work together in a specific application domain. The application domains of the squads align with the core chairs in the department of Industrial Design. In each squad, staff members are gathered with specific expertise, enabling each squad to cover a specific set of expertise areas. Different staff members offer different approaches and design research preferences.

Squads 2022-2023

The table below provides an overview of all the squads offered in Project 2, Project 3 and Final Bachelor Projects. Please visit the project market for specific information about the various projects they offer. Click on the code to find relevant information in Osiris. The table also shows the squad leaders (responsible teachers). For each squad’s location, please take a look at the Atlas floor plan on the Forms and Files page

Code Project topic Squad leader
DEP001 Inclusive Design and Thoughtful Technology dr. S. (Sara) Colombo
DEP003 Vitality dr. J. (Jun) Hu
DEP004 Transforming Practices dr. D. (Daisy) Yoo
DEP005 Games and Play dr. M.V. (Max) Birk
DFP002 Crafting Wearable Senses (in the fabric of everyday life) dr. H.K.G. (Kristina) Andersen
DFP003 New Futures - Connectivity in the Home with Energy, Systems and Sound dr. ir. J.W. (Joep) Frens
DFP004 Health dr. ir. D. (Daniel) Tetteroo
DFP006 Future Mobility  
DFP007 Sensory Matters - Sustainable Food Systems dr. B. Barati (Bahareh)
dr. ir. M. Bruns (Miguel)
DFP008 ARTIFICE: Aesthetics and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence dr. Y. (Yaliang) Chuang