Direct access

A Bachelor degree in Computer Science obtained at the TU/e or other Dutch university provides direct admission to the CSE program. 

International Bachelor degree in CS

Students with an international Bachelor degree in Computer Science have to apply for admission via the admission committee.  

Please, visit the TU/e Admission and Enrollment page for more information about admission and other requirements. 


Other TU/e Bachelor degree

TU/e students with non-CS bachelor willing to follow our master Computer Science and Engineering need the following preparatory courses (9): 

Code  Name 


Calculus variant 2


Logic and Set Theory 




Data modeling and databases OR JBI050 Data management for data analytics* 


Linear algebra 1 OR 2DBI00/2DRR00 Linear algebra and applications 


Programming methods OR 2IRR00 Software Design


Data structures (ideally should be followed by 2ILC0 Algorithms) 


Automata, language theory and complexity * 


Data mining and machine learning OR JBI030 Data Mining 

 * The courses 2ID50, 2IT90 should be preceded by 2IT60 

There are several possibilities: 

1. The courses can be taken as electives during the student's current non-CS TU/e bachelor. 

2. When bachelor is obtained and maximum 6 out of these courses left, the student could follow them as a pre-master program. 

3. When bachelor is obtained and maximum 3 out of these courses left, the student could follow them as homologation courses as part of the master program. 

The second and third option should be discussed in advance with an Academic Advisor for masters in Computer Science and approved by the CS Admission Committee. 

University of Applied Science Bachelor degree (HBO)

Students with a  matching Bachelor of Science from a Dutch University of Applied Science have to follow a standard pre-master program Computer Science and Engineering first. 

Upon completion of this pre-master they are admitted to the master CSE. 

Deviating (non-CS) non-TU/e bachelor

Students with deviating university bachelor can only be admitted to master CSE if the deficiency is not more than 15 credits (three courses of 5 credits). 

We suggest these students checking our bachelor program Computer Science and Engineering 

to make an estimate for themselves that the deficiency is not more than 15 credits. 

And if they feel that the deficiency is not more than 15 credits submit a master program application for the decision of our Admission Committee.