Prior Bachelors

The Applied Mathematics Bachelor’s degree certificates from the TU/e provide direct access to the IAM Master’s program.


Generally, the IAM admission requirements correspond to qualities relating to the knowledge, insight, skills or competencies that students have acquired when they have finished their Applied Mathematics Bachelor’s degree program of the TU/e.


Pre-Master’s program

This program is applicable in particular to students who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. To eliminate the deficiencies and to ensure that IAM is studyable, a student may be asked to follow a Pre-Master’s program before being admitted to the IAM program. The students who complete the Mathematics Preparatory Package automatically qualify for entrance to the IAM program.

The Pre-Master program brings the knowledge and skills of students having different backgrounds to a level comparable with the one of a student having a Bachelor in Mathematics, and provides a good connection between the prior knowledge of the student and the contents of the specialization program. For each student, the Admission Committee (TCW) will decide on the contents of the Pre-Master Program.

For student with a university level bachelor degree, part of the Pre-Master’s program (≤ 15 credits) can be included in the IAM Individual program, thus can be actually part of the IAM Master program. Including or not a part of the Pre-Master Program and its content (≤ 15 credits) depends on the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor, in connection with the chosen specialization.