International experience

Increasing globalization means international experience is highly advisable for engineers of the future.

The work field of Industrial Design cannot be viewed without an international context. As researcher, you are part of an international academic community. As interaction designer, you work at the R&D department of an international company such as BMW. As entrepreneur, the world is your marketplace.

Our program provides you with the opportunity to experience an international professional environment in another country. The experience is highly valued by many of our students.

Opportunities for studying abroad

During the first semester in the second year, you can choose from several options to spend one semester abroad.

  • Project: you will do a project at an international company or research insitute. Many of our staff members have useful contacts.
  • Exchange: you would join the education program and follow courses at one of our partner institutes abroad for a short period. An overview of our partner institutes, you will find on the international relations page.

In case you want to take part in an exchange, please contact the Exchange Coordinator and find more practical information on the Factsheet International Experience on the Forms and files page. Due to a nomination process, you have to start your preparation ahead of time , please check the timeframe on the Factsheet.

When you want to go abroad for a project, you will need to arrange this project, housing, VISA, insurance etc. yourself.

You can contact the Internship Coordinator if you have any questions with regards to contracts and check the Factsheet Project and or Research Abroad on the Forms and files page for useful links on how to prepare.


To offer you a richer educational experience, TU/e gives you the chance to easily enroll in online course(s) through our international alliance EuroTeQ. Taking a course offered by our university partners within EuroTeQ gives you the opportunity to gain international experience from leading technical universities in Europe. In case you would like to add the credits of the EuroTeQ courses to your master curriculum you need to request this to the Examination Committee in advance. Make sure to contact your Academic Advisor if this is the case.