Timeline Master

The master's program has two intake moments. The first quarter for the September intake is Q1, the first quarter for the February intake is Q3.

Please note that you need to register in Osiris for every course you plan to take.
The registration deadlines can be found here.
The registration procedure can be found here.

Year 1: First quartile

  • Week 1: Information session by Program Chair (prof.dr. ir. Erik van der Vleuten)
  • Week 1-2: Submit a list with your mentor preferences to the Education Coordinators. Mentor profiles can be found here.
  • Week 3: Mentor assignment completed.You will receive an email from the Program Coordinator.
  • Week 3-4: Make an appointment with your mentor and complete the Broad Diagnostic test on Professional Skills
  • Week 4-5: Meet with your mentor
  • Week 6: Submit the Form Mentor Assignment to the Education Administration
  • Week 6: Submit the the Declaration concerning the TU/e Code of Scientific Conduct (in Form 01 Mentor Assignment).
  • Week 6: Closing date examinations quarter 1, courses quarter 2: Sunday, Oct. 17

Year 1: Remaining quartiles

  • In second quarter: Submit the form for your electives to the Education Administration. The registration deadlines for courses and examinations can be found here. 
  • In second quarter: Prepare for the international term check International Course site
  • Third/fourth quarter: Find a supervisor and topic for your master thesis project
  • Fourth quarter: Hand in form 02 elective courses at the IE&IS Education Administration (Atlas 3.331) in quarter 4 of your master program.

Year 2: First and second quartile

  • International semester
  • Prepare for start of your master thesis project upon return

Year 2: Third and fourth quartile

  • Master Thesis Project

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