The 15 credits internship offers you the opportunity to develop academic skills in a different working environment. The type and content of this internship will depend on your background and ambitions. The subject and place of the internship needs be chosen in close cooperation with a TU/e internship supervisor.

Generally speaking, students must carry out the internship in a company, university or research institute. The internship needs to take place in an international environment, either abroad or in the Netherlands. If you choose to do the internship in the Netherlands, you must carry out at least 15 credits of the graduation research in an international environment.

Information about studying in times of COVID-19 can be found here.

Prerequisites and enrollment

You may start your internship when:

  • The summaries of two ‘competence development interviews' have been submitted to the Fusion secretariat.
  • Your study program must have been approved by the Examination Committee (Study Program Committee).

Enrollment takes place via the NF Internship Registration form

To do

Please check the CANVAS Module 'Internship' and consult the Regulations of the Examination Committee for more information regarding the organization of the internship and follow all steps carefully.  

Finalizing the internship

After the internship is finished, you have to hand in your internship report at the organization/company and your responsible Fusion supervisor and give a presentation at TU/e. The responsible Fusion supervisor fills out the assessment form and sends in the signed assessment form and your internship report at CSA AP. CSA AP will process your grade. More information can be found in the assessment protocol and the studyguide.

More information

Want to know more? Contact Exchange AP via