specialization courses ME stream

Specialization electives for the Mechanical Engineering stream

Students from the ME stream of the MSE Master program select thier specialization courses from the core courses and the elective courses of the Megenical Engineering Master. Depending on your asgined section, you can you select 2-4 courses (15 ECTS) from the tables below.
NB: some courses are 2,5 ECTS.

Micro Fabrication/ Polymer Technology:

  • Control Engineering 4CM00
  • Micro Fabrication 4UM00
  • Adv. Eng. Math for MW 4BM00
  • Experimentation 4BM20
  • Polymer Processing 4LM20
  • Heat and Flow in Microsystems 4EM40
  • Microfluidics put-to-work 4UM10
  • Fracture Mechanics 4MM50
  • Modelling and Control of Manufacturing Systems 4DM40

Dynamics & Control:

  • Control Engineering 4CM00
  • Multibody and Non-linear Dynamics 4DM10
  • Structural Dynamics and Vibro-acoustics 4DM00
  • Non-linear Control 4DM30
  • Modelling and Control of Manufacturing Systems 4DM40
  • Control of Distributed Parameter Systems 4DM60 (2.5 ECTS)
  • Dynamics and Control of Cooperation 4DM50 (2.5 ECTS)

Control Systems Technology:

  • Control Engineering 4CM00
  • Engineering Optimization 4DM20
  • Applications of Design Principles  4CM50
  • Hybrid Systems and Control 4CM20
  • Supervisory Control 4CM30
  • Advanced Motion Control 4CM60
  • System Theory for Control 4CM10

Recommended homologation:

  • Stochastic modeling in inventory and production control 1CM210 (2.5 ECTS, online lectures)

Recommended electives:

  • Advanced simulation 2DI66 (Q3)
  • Business process management 1BM05 (Q2)
  • Data Analytics for Business Intelligence 1BM110 (Q3)
  • Decision making with Artificial and Computational Intelligence 1BM120 (Q4)
  • Design and analysis of experiments 2DMN00 (Q3)
  • Configuration management 1CM180 (Q3, 2.5 ECTS)
  • Warehouse Operations Management 1CM200 (Q2, 2.5 ECTS)
  • Data mining and machine learning 2IIG0 (Q2)
    NB: BSc level course, counts as homologation