specialization courses OML stream

Specialization electives Operation Management and Logistics stream

Student from the OML stream of the MSE Master program select their specialization courses from the core courses and the elective courses of the Operations Management & Logistics master. Depending on the Capgroup of your mentor, you can select courses from the tables below.

MSEOM specialization courses - mentor from Operations, Planning, Accounting & Control group.

choose 3-4 courses out of 9 (15 ECTS)
(NB some courses are 2,5 ECTS)

Quarter Course code Course name Credits
Q1 1CM120 Advanced Maintenance and Service Logistics 5
Q2 1CM10 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems 5
Q2 1CM180 Configuration Management 2.5
Q2 1CM200 Warehouse Operations Management 2.5
Q3 1CM22 Integrated Financial and Operations Management 5
Q3 1CM36 Game Theory with Applications to Supply Chain Management 5
Q4 1CM170 Sustainable Supply Chains 5
Q4 1CM100 Multi-Echelon Inventory Management 5
Q4 1CM140 Design of Operations Planning and Control Systems 5

MSEOM Specialization electives - mentor from the Information Systems group

choose 3 out of 5 courses (15 ECTS)

Quarter Course code Course name Credits
Q2 1BM05 Bussiness Process Management 5
Q3 1BM110 Data Analytics for Business Inteligence 5
Q4 1BM120 Computational Intelligence 5
Q4 1BM20 Software Requirements Management: Quality and Functionality 5
Q4 1BM100 Design of Service Operations 5

Recommended homologation:

  • Algorithmic Programming for Operations Management 1BK50  (Q1) or Advanced simulation 2DI66 (Q3)
  • Control Theory course from E: Linear systems, signals and control 5LIQ0
    2,5 ECTS and online Screen cast lectures and exercises


  • 1BK50 is a Bachelor course and thus can also be chosen as elective in the Bachelor, to prepare for MSE.
  • Modules on Matlab and C(++) of the homologation program of the master SET provide an alternative to 1BK50. The module on Dynamics for Mechanical Systems is useful as preparation for Control Engineering 4CM00.
  • The homologation course 5LIQ0 is recommended as preparation for 4CM100.
  • The Bachelor courses Model-Based Systems Engineering 4TC00 and Mechatronic Design 4CC10 can be chosen as electives in the Bachelor, as preparation for 4CM30 and 4CM00, respectively.

Recommended electives:

  • Design and analysis of experiments 2DMN00 (Q3)
  • Advanced simulation 2DI66 (Q3)
  • Data mining and machine learning 2IIG0 (Q2)
    NB: BSc level course, counts as homologation