Study progress requirement

As a pre-master student, you need to have fulfilled the Study Progress Requirement after studying at our department for one year. The Examination Commitee (EC ID) will issue this based on your obtained credits for the pre-master’s program.

Preliminary advice

After one semester, you will receive a preliminary advice, which can be either positive of negative. For a positive preliminary advice, you should have obtained at least 25 ECTS after one semester. If you complete all courses from the pre-master’s program (30 ECTS) within one semester, you have passed your Study Progress Requimrent directly, instead of a receiving preliminary advice.

Final check of the requirement

After one year, you should have completed all courses from the pre-master’s program (30 ECTS) . Only if you have passed all courses you will be able to continue your studies in our Master program at our department.

If you do not pass all 30 ECTS within one academic year, you will not be able to continue your studies at our department. You will also not be able to enroll in the Industrial Design program at TU/e for three years.

Bachelor's before Master's rule

All Dutch universities use the so-called bachelor-before-master rule. This means that you first have to completely finish a bachelor’s program or transition program before starting with a master’s degree program. For more information on this rule and an FAQ, please check the central information page.

Personal problems and issues

If personal circumstances (e.g. illness, functional disorders, pregnancy and family circumstances) affect your study in a negative way you need to report this to your academic advisor as soon as possible. Your academic advisor will try to support and advise you and could direct you to a student counsellor or a student psychologist at the Education and Student Affairs (ESA).

In some cases, the Study Progress Requirement can be postponed. To postpone the Study Progress Requirement, you have to contact the student counsellor (via your academic advisor) at ESA within four weeks after the occurrence. An official ESA committee will review your circumstances and will give their view to the Examination Committee of ID (EC ID). The EC ID will then, based on the ESA committee's advice, decide whether they should postpone your Study Progress Requirement.


Depending on your questions you could get support at our department from your student mentor, your teacher coach, your project coach or your academic advisor. Furthermore you could also talk to one of the student advisors from ESA. If you would like to follow a workshop on study management or if you would like to talk to a student psychologist you should also contact ESA.