Admission for students with an HBO Bachelor’s degree

In order to be eligible to the pre-Master’s Program Sustainable Energy Technology, you

  1. must have obtained a relevant Higher Vocational Degree (see list below)
  2. can demonstrate a sufficient level of English and Mathematics

The following HBO-Bachelor’s degree certificates provide direct access to this pre-Master’s program:

  • Aviation / Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering / Technische Scheikunde
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics

Do you possess an HBO degree that is not in this overview? Please send an admission request to the departmental admission committee. Based on your educational background the committee will decide if you are allowed to start this pre-Master’s program.

Admission for students with an academic Bachelor’s degree
If you possess an academic Bachelor’s degree which does not provide direct admission to the Master’s program Sustainable Energy Technology, you have to send an admission request to the departmental admission committee. Based on your bachelor’s program the committee will decide whether you can or cannot be admitted to the Master’s program. In some situations you have to complete an individual pre-Master’s program first.

All pre-Master students have to subscribe for a pre-Master’s program via Studielink before May 1. If you meet all admission requirements you are allowed to enroll in the pre-Master’s program Sustainable Energy Technology starting on September 1st. If your HBO certificate has not yet been actually awarded before September 1st, you may still enroll in the pre-Master’s program provided that you are in the possession of a statement by the examination committee of your HBO institution declaring that you fulfilled all conditions for obtaining the degree.