Engineering Design

Basic course Design

The Basic Design Course is set up to introduce TU/e undergraduate students to the activity of designing. This introduction is done during weekly lectures and related assignments in combination with a design project, thus introducing students to design principles, processes, activities, approaches and practice. The design project is offered in three different flavours: Social Innovation design, Integral design and Engineering design.

Social Innovation design (S)

This track focuses on creating opportunities that face our societal challenges. The student goes through a highly iterative process of envisioning, making, exploring and validating in context, and analyzing and abstracting. The scope is on empowerment for wellbeing and healthy living, and the outcome can range from a system to a device or service.

Integral design (I)

This track focuses on the integration of different disciplines in a design process. The student goes through a collaborative process of exploration, generation and evaluation where each student takes his/her own perspective to the design subject. The scope can range from a building to an urban plan and the outcome consists of technical drawings, scale models and renderings.

Engineering design (E)

This track focuses on a design engineering problem with specific performance criteria. The student goes through a design and modeling process where subsequently the different parts are developed and tested. The scope is on mechatronic systems that include mechanical and electronic parts, and the outcome consists of technical drawings and a physical prototype.