Basic courses

You need to take a number of basic courses that will provide the foundation for your development as engineer. As such, they highly contribute to the third objective of the program objectives: developing professional and generic academic skills. More specifically, they prepare our students to apply their specific computer science knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary settings. 

These basic courses will give you the knowledge you need for your electives and to take elective packages outside your degree program.

The basic courses include Mathematics, Physics, Data Analytics, Design, User, Society & Enterprise and Professional Skills. Different degree programs may use different variations of a course.

Basic courses for Computer Science and Engineering

  • 0SAB0 – USE basics: Ethics and history of technology
  • 2WBB0 – Calculus B
  • 2IAB0 – Data Analytics for engineers
  • 3NAB0 – Applied Physical Sciences, conceptual
  • 4WBB0 – Engineering Design

For more information about the courses, visit the Osiris course catalog.