Personal Study Plan (PSP)

Personal Study Plan (PSP)



The Personal Study Plan (PSP) is a document in which you write down your program choices and planning for:

  • Core courses and specialization electives (depending on your choice for one of the tracks or register tracks)
  • Free electives
  • Graduation project
  • Optionally: internships, international experience

Your PSP has to be approved by your mentor or the coordinator of the unit that corresponds with your track. With this approval your PSP will be reviewed by the Examination Committee to check if it meets the learning objectives of the master ABP as stated in the Program and Examination Regulations.

Please note: the PSP is the basis for your planning of the master program, make sure to define your PSP as soon as possible after starting your master program. You can always change your PSP, e.g. if you want to choose another elective.

You can download the form for the personal study plan in the Downloads section.

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