Track electives

You add at least 20 credits from the track electives listed below to your program:

3MA010 Computational and mathematical physics
3MB010 Physics of plasmas and radiation
3MS010 Advanced fluid dynamics
3MP160 Advanced plasma physics
4CM10 System theory for control
5CSA0 Modelling dynamics
5CTA0 Statistical signal processing
5LEE0 Electrical power engineering and system integration
4CM00 Control engineering
3MF130 Heating and diagnosing fusion plasmas
3MP120  Astrophysics
3MA020 Advanced electrodynamics
3MQ100 Photonics and modern optics
4SC010  Control and operation of tokamaks
4SC000 Optimal control and dynamic programming
4CM60 Advanced motion control
4MM10 Advanced computational continuum mechanics
4MM20 Computational and experimental micromechanics
4EM70 Sustainable energy sources
5SPB0 Microwave engineering and antennas
5AT010 Electrical components
5SVA0 High voltage technology
5SEC0 Planning and operation power systems
3MP140 Accelerators and beams
3MT120 Advanced computational fluid and plasma dynamics
3FSX0 Subatomic physics
3EEX0 Electrodynamics
4DM30 Non-linear control
5LMC0 Robust control
5LMB0 Model predictive control
5LIJ0 Embedded control systems
5SVB0 Power quality phenomena
5APA0 Power electronics
5LEG0 Pulsed power technology
3MP180 Optical diagnostics: techniques and applications
4SC030 Control of magnetic instabilities in fusion plasmas
4SC020 Embedded motion control
4MM50 Fracture mechanics
5LFB0 Terahertz systems
5XWA0 Power system analysis and optimization