There are two versions of the pre-master program AI&ES:

  • Program A is for students with pre-knowledge in Data but with deficiencies in Signals & Systems.

  • Pogram B is or students with pre-knowledge in Signals & Systems but with deficiencies in Data.

Courses Code Quarter Timeslot(s) ECTS Program A Program B
Calculus variant 2 2WBB0  1 A, B, C 5 x x
Linear algebra 2DL60  1 E 2,5 x x
Probability and statistics 2DL70  2 E 2,5 x x
Fundamentals of machine learning   5XSL0 2 A 5 x x
Linear systems, signals and control  5LIU0 2 C1 5 x  
Data management for data analytics JBI050  3 D 5   x
Software development for engineers 2IS50  4 E 5 x x
Math 2 5EZB0 4 A 5 x x

When registering in Studielink the Departmental Admissions Committee will verify if a student can be admitted to the pre-Master’s program AI&ES and will subsequently assign students to either program A or program B.

After a student successfully completes the pre-master program AI&ES within the set term (maximally two semesters), the student is admitted to the master program and can continue with the master program AI&ES.

Master study components in Q3 and Q4

Given the schedule of the courses, the pre-master students cannot complete the program within six months. Therefore, students of the pre-master program AI&ES who have obtained a minimum of 15 ECTS within the 1st semester of the pre-master program (Q1 and Q2), may submit a request to expand their program with a maximum of 15 ECTS worth of master courses.

The credits obtained for master courses during the pre-master program may at the request of the student be recorded, retaining the grade and date of examination, on the students’ master transcript. In this way, the student will be able to already follow some courses of the master program AI&ES in the 2nd semester (Q3 and Q4), e.g., the core courses 5CTA0 Statistical signal processing4DM20 Engineering optimization and 1BM120 Decision making with artificial and computational intelligence. Please note, the pre-master program still needs to be finished within one year (max. two semesters).

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