Major Automotive Technology 2019-2020

You have chosen to study Automotive within the TU/e Bachelor College. Half of this three-year Bachelor's program is devoted to your major Automotive, a study that will prepare you for a job as an engineer in your particular field. All first-year TU/e students follow a number of basic subjects like mathematics, physics and modeling, which are more or less the same for every study. In your first year you are already able to choose a number of subjects and so shape your study right from the beginning. Of course, you also get non-engineering subjects because engineers are concerned with more than engineering alone.


Smart mobility has been designated one of the university’s three strategic areas. Automotive is a field that fully complements the technological and societal challenges facing the automotive industry. Future developments in the industry will be geared to:

  • Smart mobility: how can smart automotive technology help reduce the number of traffic jams?
  • Clean vehicles: how can new methods make the car even more fuel-efficient and clean?

TU/e is collaborating with the international business world on intelligent, productive mobility and transport as well as on safe, clean and efficient vehicles.


More specifically the Automotive field concerns the following subfields and subjects:

  • Thinking in terms of systems
  • Energy supplies and the environment
  • Vehicle communication
  • Reduction of traffic jams
  • Cooperative mobility
  • Vehicle efficiency
  • Electric vehicles
  • Platform electrification
  • Vehicle optimization


The study aims to bring you up to the level of Bachelor as an allround automotive engineer. To this end, the following objectives are central to the study:

  1. To give the student a broad knowledge base to enable him/her to accommodate to the subfields of the subject
  2. To provide the student with skills to optimize cooperation in a multidisciplinary team
  3. To prepare the Bachelor properly for an engineering-science Master in Automotive Technology or related discipline