Examination committee EE

Examination committee EE

The Examination Committee EE  (EC EE) is the authority to safeguard the standard of the degree program, including matters such as the appointment of examiners, testing and fraud, and all other aspects that are necessary to ensure that students who are awarded a degree have attained the outcomes of the relevant programs. All regulations can be found in the Regulations of the Examination Committee (RE) of the EE department.  

The tasks of the EC EE include granting exemptions and approving study programs.

Visit the website of the EC EE  for more information. 

Student requests

The EC EE works with a digital form for handling student requests instead of via email. Requests submitted in any other way are not accepted. 

Do you want to submit a request to the EC EE? Go to the portal of the Examination Committees and click on the Examination Committee EE to submit a request.

Double diploma programs

If you want to submit a request for an internal double diploma, please follow this procedure. Do not submit requests for an internal double diploma via the portal.


If you are dissatisfied about or don’t agree with a certain decision of the Examination Committee EE, you could file a complaint. Please visit this website for more information.

More information

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