Project 1

Project 1: Design

The goal of DPB100 Project 1 Design is to develop your overall competence of design and your scientific and professional skills. You will also develop your professional identity, vision and learn to explain how you have developed as a future industrial design engineer. During the project you will integrated all that you have learned and will learn in the first year courses (see the curriculum overview).

To support and inspire you during the project, experts in the field will share their expertise through lectures. Your group will also receive feedback from a Project Coach on a weekly basis. The Project Coach helps your group to develop ideas into concepts and eventually interactive prototypes. To support the development of your Professional Identity and Vision and learn to reflect on your development in a project, you will do online modules and attend tutoring sessions, as part of DPB381 Professional Identity and Vision year 1. These sessions can also be used for discussing the project progress.

In  2022-2023, students could choose from the following themes:

1 Intelligent Agents Hey Siri, Alexa, Google… should we interact with our future systems through speech only or can we also involve other modalities?
2 Soft Materials Clothing, furniture, cars, buildings consist largely out of textiles… what will happen if these textiles start to sense and move?
3 Vital People Active behavior is crucial for a healthy lifestyle… how can we support senior citizens, office workers or couch potatoes to become more active?
4 Playful Learning Some are more inclined to learn than others… what tools could support children, students or professionals to develop themselves?
5 Smart Cities People generate large amounts of data… can we use this data to improve the cities’ services, interactions or organization?

You will acquire new knowledge and skills related to these challenges and the design process to further develop your industrial design competences!

For more information about the project, please check Osiris by using the Osiris course catalogue.

Please note that the other projects during your Bachelor program are clustered in squads and not in themes, so remember to consult their pages when continuing the program. Squads present themselves on the Project market.

Registration Project 1

As a first year student, you register for DPB100 Project 1 Design on Osiris. You are able to register for two project theme preferences in Osiris. Every project theme has a maximum number of registrations. Please be aware that it is possible that you will not get the project theme of your (first) choice.
Project allocation is published one week before the start of the semester on Osiris (see "Overview registrations").

To register your three preferences in Osiris, please check the manual Osiris-Student, chapter 3.2 (Osiris Support).

Demo Day

At the end of your project you will present your work in an exhibition-like setting: the Demo day. The demo day is a moment for formative feedback from your examiner(s), and part of your project assessment (obliged).

More information

on the Forms and Files page you can check the Rubrics booklet and DPB100 Project 1 Design student guide and the year planning for the registration deadlines.

If you have questions about Project 1, please contact the Bachelor Coordinator. You can find their contact information on the Contact page.